i went to Snyod this weekend. (For those of you who don't know what that is its basically church parliament)

Anyway at Synod i had to give a report to the 200 or so people about youth ministry in the Anglican church in Tasmania.

Basically the report said nothing was happening. (You can download the PowerPoint presentation here) Which sucks a lot cause youth ministry is very important! (but i might be slightly biased in my opinion of that)

Anyway, they loved it! Everyone is now getting excited about youth ministry and seeking to develop a stratergy to win the young people of Tasmania for Christ.

By God's grace we are also lucky enough in Tassie to have this guy called Lindsay Stoddart. He is the Dean (minister at the cathedral) and is like a mega experienced youth guy (he started this thing called youthworks in the Anglican church in Sydney)

So pray that bigs things can happen. I'm excited about what God's future plans are.