On that very sad last weekend in September (it was sad because the mighty Swans lost the premiership by 1 POINT!!) I went on a camp called Preserved Fruit. It was run by Anglican camping and was really good. We had about 10 or so college students come along who were thinking about becoming future leaders in youth ministry. And myself and some other practitioners went along to help train them up.

This was really my first ever experience of going to a camp with the specific purpose of training someone else, rather than been trained myself! It was kinda perculiar!

Anyway, i gave a talk on "Growing Your Leadership Skills" based on the last section of Tim Hawkins book Leaders Who Will Last. Basically i talked about how to understand what the bible is saying and how that should be interpreted!
I also co-ran an elective with another guy about Sharing the Gospel. That was good fun too. Maybe i'll post the notes on here.

Anyway, was a great weekend, and i really enjoyed it. There might be something in this growing and training people. I found it very very challenging and exciting!