Everyday i am convinced more and more that this (self control) is the hardest and most difficult fruit of the spirit to cultivate and grow.

Think of all those times when you do something stupid that you know is not a good idea. When you know that your actions are going to have consequences that will be worse than the joy of the moment. The feeling of regret, or awkwardness with another person, of knowing what is right and doing it more often than not.

I think its funny how even as Christians with the holy spirit we still struggle to be self-controlled. Whether its with drugs or alcohol, porn or sex, or money, or power, its funny how we (or at least i seem to) often act on our first impulse, not the controlled rational thought that soon follows.

So what are we to do? Pray for more self-control to be worked out in our hearts or take steps to make ourselves more controlled? I really think the answer is to do both. I think we are to fall down on our knees and ask for the spirit to work more self control into our lives, but i also think we are to take steps ourselves. What are those steps though? I think we need to be accountable, in the most real and honest way possible to our close Christian brothers (or sisters if you are a female). I think we need to take our thoughts captive. When we start to dream or think in a manner that could lead to a self control lapse, we must spend as much time as is needed taking that thought captive to the reality of who we are as God's children and to the reality of what will bring lasting joy and happiness.

The question is then, can I take my own advice and act less on stupid impulse and more on the spirit of God who gives me not only self control, but love, peace, paitence, kindness, gentleness and joy! I imagine that if i were to, i would spend less time getting frustrated with myself and more time singing praises to our awesome God!