On Saturday (like 2 days ago) we held the first ever Southern Youth Event (it might be the last ever one that has such a daggy name too, but definitely not the last time we ever do a similar thing).

We had about 100 young people rock along for the 3 hour event. So that was really encouraging. The dunking machine was an absolute hit. I'm glad that i won the little competition that the youth pastors had to see who would go on the dunking machine. Because it was very funny watching Heath and Dan get dunked.

God also turned on an awesome day (especially for Tasmania!). The sun was shining and it was bordering on warm!!

Good work to all the boys, Joel, Heath, Jono and Dan who put in the hard work for an awesome event. Can't wait till the next one! (hopefully i won't be as busy next time we have one either!!)

Oh yes, and here is our flier thing. Don't ask why we had a green light bulb. Basically i'm a very amateurish graphic designer and it was the best i could come up with!!