So this Friday night we have a special meeting of Synod up in Launceston. This has been called by the Bishop to vote on the Imagine Project. The Imagine Project is basically a plan by the Bishop and others who work for the central diocese to create more bishops and hierarchy to promote more grassroots mission.... (a contradiction you're thinking??)

To find out more you can check out the initial project description and then the copious amounts of FAQs they have released since this initial project description. (

This needs lots of prayer. There are many people who believe that this project is not the best way forward for our church (including myself). There are many people who are going to use this as an opportunity to embarrass the Bishop because they don't like him. I have a great respect for our Bishop but i do think he has got it wrong in his handling of this project (if not purely through a lack of due process and consultation).

It is going to be a divisive, painful, unGodly Synod. And somewhere in that i'm hoping to jump up and put forward the case for youth ministry in the diocese.

I will post more about this post Synod.