It's a crazy Christmas eve and i'm going posting made but i've had another thought! (yes my brain is exploding).

As a Christian, especially as one employed by the church, i find it amazing how easily distracted we can become by worrying about the big important people, or the statewide level politics, or even the whole of church level politics... Yet despite spending a lot of time thinking about these sorts of things, the real joy is at the grassroots. The investing into others lives and making a difference, sitting beside people and just talking and hanging out, teaching people about Jesus. That is the true joy of being a Christian, and the greater joy of being employed by the church. Its funny that i let myself get distracted from this by those other "important" things.

So hopefully in my next job, I'm able to focus my mind onto the things that matter. The people in my sphere of influence and who God has given me to look after, and that i can forget about diocesan level politics and let others deal with that!