To cut a long story short, i read another blog which pointed me to an interview conducted with a guy called Mike Yaconelli. For those of you who don't know who he is, he founded a company called Youth Specialties which does many things including publishing good youth ministry books. Below is a quote from a section of the article. Click here to read the whole thing. I found it pretty interesting!

  • Mike Yaconelli: Evangelicals do not love the truth. We say we love the truth, but we are liars--we don't believe it. If we believed it then we would trust it, and we would allow it in all its outrageousness, in all of its craziness and haphazardness, to sort of explode. Instead, we try to control it, manipulate it, and to make it into a set of lifeless and dead principles. If we believed the truth we would allow it to explode in pockets of oddness all over this country.
  • Mars Hill: What do you mean by pockets of oddness?
  • MY: Somebody put it this way, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you odd." Truth has an oddness to it. We think we're going to like the truth but we're not going to like it. We're going to kill it, we're going to destroy it and we're going to put it on a cross. Jesus kept making people uncomfortable because truth is discomforting. We don't want to hear it and yet we're attracted to it.