I checked back on my Blog to the start of 2007 to find my new years resolutions there. This is what they were:
  1. Practice my guitar more!
  2. Use my diary and spend my time far more wisely!
  3. Finish more books (i always read about 2 or 3 chapters and then start another book!!)
  4. Make more of an effort to be in constant communication with God.
  5. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier!!
  6. Do some more exercise!
So how did i go with these? Not particularly well! I think that is partly because i totally forgot that i made them! But they were noble ambitions. So what shall I say my resolutions are for 2008? Well...
  1. Learn how to use my time more effectively
  2. Do some more exercise
  3. Spend more time regularly in prayer and reading my bible
  4. Enjoy my new life in Melbourne!
Well, I'll say now that I'm hopeful that I will be pretty successful with numbers 3 and 4. As for the first two... well as they are completely unmeasurable goals in their current form, i should be alright in achieving them too! ;)