John piper gives 26 tips on how to fight sexual sin. Very good, very useful.

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Here is a brief look at them...

1. Recognize that sexuality is a good gift from God.

2. Recognize that Biblical prohibitions are intended to protect something precious not deny something pleasant.

3. Believe God is for you.

4. Ponder the eternal danger of lust.

5. Think often that God has given you even now many good things.

6. Preach to yourself that there is more joy in God's presence than in sin. Transpose desire.

7. Realize that lust disables and weakens our capacity for higher spiritual joys with God.

8. Don't ask, What's wrong with it? Ask: Does it maximize my experience of the power of Christ, my enjoyment of his fellowship, my perception of his beauty, my reflection of his glory?

9. Cultivate a passionate devotion to the honor of God's name.

10. Develop a worldview that views absolutely everything in relation to God.

11. (For singles) Recognize that sexual relations are not essential to full personhood and happiness.

12. (For the married) Recognize that God designed marriage to be a living parable of his commitment to the church.

13. Be vigilant over your eyes. Avoid unnecessary stimulation.

14. Look on the opposite sex as eternal persons. Realize that lust inevitably depersonalizes and despiritualizes people.

15. Think often that Christ suffered agony for your purity. Fight image with image. Christ crying in agony.

16. Beware of assuming past successes guarantee future purity.

17. Beware of feeling above accountability.

18. Do not be excessively alone.

19. Get in a group where you exhort one another every day against the deceitfulness of sin.

20. Memorize many scriptures.

21. Stockpile your thoughts with good things.

22. Read the great literature of devotion, biography, etc.

23. Never assume that you are above suffering or that you deserve relief through sin. The pitfall of powerful self-pity.

24. Get busy with some task.

25. Pray at all times in the Spirit for God's deliverance.

26. Be encouraged; God is patient