I get annoyed by people who say they love Jesus, who know lots about God, but who seem to be completely emotionally disengaged with their faith. They never feel like just dancing around praising God, or shouting that God's awesome, or be so struck by the beautiful grace of God that they can do nothing but weep.

But I'm afraid of people who leave their ability to think, to read and wrestle with the scriptures behind and do nothing but sing, dance, shout, yell, fall over... who question people who aren't quick to believe anything, who preach worldly self help, or a mixed up Gospel.

A couple of weeks ago I heard about the "Lakeland Revival" after watching a video by Justin Peters. The "Revival" is led by this rather scary looking bloke called Todd Bently (especially when he is punching someone!). It has been announced that he is leaving his wife. This is not good. Read John Piper's reflection here, or another reflection by a Charismatic pastor here

This all leads me to wonder, where is the middle ground? I have always gone to churches that are very stiff and proper. With sound teaching, but afraid to really engage with the emotions. Yet, when I go to things like Youth Alive, or other Pentecostal type events, I almost always find that emotion has taken over from any thinking whatsoever...

It's difficult... But my prayer is for Biblical Revival. Not a dry, passionless, intellectual revival. But a whole of life, intellectual, spiritual, emotional revival. Where the Gospel is preached clearly and the bible is taken seriously, and where people are so moved by God they can do nothing but jump, and shout, and praise! That would be powerful.