So this past week I've done a few things that make me feel more Melbournian!

The first was on Wednesday evening when I went to the NGV to look at the Art Deco exhibition. For those of you unfamiliar with 'art deco' it describes a type of design (architectural, homewares, paintings, cruise ships, fashion) that was popular in the 1920s and 30s. From what I could gather there was some big exhibition in France in 1925 that defined the 'art deco' movement. For a better explanation see here. Here are some of the types of things I saw at this exhibition...

The last time I went to an art gallery was in Adelaide, last year, and I found it very boring. So this time was a nice surprise... I actually enjoyed looking at the different things.
Anyhow, the next thing I did was go see some live music at the East Brunswick Club. I went to see a band called Pivot play at their album launch. It probably wasn't the usual kinda music I would go and see, but I could still appreciate their talent and musicianship. Mind you, I thought they could have done with a flute! The pub also had Cascade Pale Ale on tap... which made my Tasmanian heart smile!