My mate Mike posted a short blog post on faith vs. reason. It got me thinking, and so I wrote this comment on his wall. (I liked it so I thought I'd blog it here!)

I would say that it is unlikely in any decision we make ever do we have the full facts and we are therefore almost never able to make a truly rational decision.

Going to the shops, for example, I put faith in law makers, farmers and owners (to name the few that come to mind) that the product I'm buying is actually healthy, and not going to do damage to me.

And from going to the shops to driving a car, or believing in almost any scientific theory (given I am an Arts graduate and therefore no nothing of science really). I never have the full set of facts so I never make a truly rational decision.

The problem as I see it is people have two sets of criteria for judging what a rational decision is. It seems that it is rational to essentially make any decision that doesn't involve God. We have as much, if not more, evidence for a belief in the Jesus we read about in the Bible as we do for making any number of our daily so called rational decisions.

So like all our decisions a belief in God requires faith. But it is a rational weighing of the best evidence we have before us.