I finally have an iPod!  Thanks to Santa (aka my parents)...
It's a 16 gig, black, iPod Nano.  I went for the Nano option because it was small and not too bulky to carry around (thus increasing the likelyhood that I might actually use it!)  I've been umming and aahing about getting one of these cool, must have electronic music playing accessories for about 2 years now, meaning I'm well behind the 8ball as far as being cool goes!  But so far, I think it's been worth it!  I'm hopeful that this will mean I do more exercise, and listen to more of the podcasts I subscribe to (aka lap up more John Piper goodness!).  The Nano is capable of playing video as well, which is great for watching a sermon or something when I'm on the move (although not if I'm driving!)

(Apologies for looking like a pyscho in the above photo!)

To celebrate my new iPod, I bought my first ever electronic album (that is I bought music and downloaded it, rather than buying the CD and then ripping it onto my computer).  This is the first time I've done this since my more sinful Napster and Kazza days.  Anyway, I bought the debut album by a Melbourne based band called Skipping Girl Vinegar.  I happen to know one of the members of this band as I go to Ridley with her husband.  I really like their music!  You should check them out and buy and iPod so you can be iCool like me!