I was driving home from my final game of netball for a while tonight and heard the living end song, Raise the Alarm from their new album White Noise.

Anyway, here are the lyrics...
I do not believe in God
That doesn't mean I'm a lesser person
I still have a heart
And I know what it feels like to be broken

I may not believe in Jesus
But I do believe in sacrifice
Life does not always stand reason
No one ever gets a chance
'Til they're out of time

I'd rather risk my fate
Then lose my faith
The lovin', the hatin'
The constant debating
The chaos that comes
Raise The Alarm

We mean it
We'll die
Consence Denied
The Chaos that comes
Raise The Alarm

I may not believe in regrets
But I believe in self assurance
Some things I'd rather forget
We see what we choose and
We choose what we see to believe

In the name of the father,
the son,
and the holy ghost
I'm not concerned with religion
After all that whats inside
That is Smoke

I'd rather risk my fate
Then lose my faith
The lovin', the hatin'
The consenceapating
The chaos that comes
Raise The Alarm
If reading lyrics isn't your thing, here is the song performed live by the band.

Interesting. I really wanted to know what went on for them which led them to write the song. Is it an attack on christian religious hypocrites, or a reflection on the joyless, funless life he has seen Christians live? What's the alarm that needs to be raised and how does it relate to the false or corrupt charges he seems to be bringing against Christians?

It's sad that such a prominent Australian band obviously feels such disdane for the Christian faith, however, this is probably a reflection of society in general thinking that Jesus has no relevance and nothing to say to them.

I wonder how this song could be used to start a conversation with someone about the real Jesus, who matters and who changes the way you live and think and feel about life?

ps... if I didn't disagree with the lyrics I wouldn't have any problem belting them out in the car as I drove a long, a great Living End song!