Former Hi-5 star Kellie Crawford has posed in some fairly revealing pictures in Ralph. This has outraged family groups because they think it says to young girls who look up to her that they need to do this kinda thing to be successful. I don't want to talk about that but rather the comments that her husband apparently made.

Crawford said new hubby Addam loved her new look.

"He said, 'If this is going to make you feel like a woman and feel like I see you every day, then do it'."

What kind of husband wants to encourage his wife to be leered over by hunderds or thousands (I'm not sure what Ralph's readership is) of other men? I had similar thoughts earlier in the year when Zoo magazine was promoting it's pictures of Nathan Bracken's (Australian Cricketer) hot wife! And also, why does she need to show herself off to others in order to feel like a woman? Surely being the wife of her husband is enough?

My wife-to-be (hopefully in January next year, but the date is still TBC) would never want to do that, and nor would I be happy for her to. And I'm hopeful that as we try to grow in Godliness together, she will feel like a wonderful Godly women, as I will more of a Godly man.

She will be mine and I will be hers. Men... eyes off!