I've had some further thoughts relating this post regarding sex education in schools. My girlfriend is studying to be a PE teacher, and in Australia it is usually (at least when I went to school) the PE teacher who teaches sex education to the students. How would a Christian PE teacher handle being given curriculum that is so poisoned by the religion that is secularism that he or she simply cannot teach it? What provision do we have in Australia to be able to keep our job but reject something that is not as the secularists would have us believe simply a matter of fact. That is, as a Christian can I refuse to teach my Grade 5 class (full of 10 year olds) about Masturbation and Abortions making everything ok?? Can I teach about the many consequences of having multiple sex partners or the emotional toll sex and abortion can have on people. Can I teach about how sex is a beautiful thing, a wonderful treasure, and that whilst it might feel good having sex with just anyone, nothing beats sex between two people who are committed through marriage to spend all their life together. Can I reject the lie that secularism is neutral. Can I reject the notion that secularism is a balanced, neutral, rational approach, pro-human philosophy.

I think too many Christians, myself included sometimes, believe the lie that real truth is taught in the absence of God and that if you teach people about God you are teaching them about Religion which is just one part of their lives. I don't remember the Jesus saying he was only one part of life.

I know in myself that I feel uncomfortable arguing against secularism, and I think Christians can be unwise sometimes in the way they do this. But if I am honest, if I think about the source of my uncomfortableness. Then I think the only honest answer to why I feel uncomfortable is because I don't believe strongly enough that Jesus' view on the matter is right and that my role as his follower is to express it plainly and clearly and be willing to lose my job, my friend, my family for His sake. I pray that God would stop me from being so weak!