I know the last few posts have been about sex, so this will be the last on that topic for a while.

But it was bought to my attention that there was a big article in The Age on the weekend about teenage sex culture in Australia.

See it here

Some quotes:

[Referring to group sex] "Lara says that while some women students enjoy the physical act, others find the attention more appealing. "I honestly think that some of the girls do it because the guys will think they're amazing," she says.

But pride can turn to shame once their exploits become public knowledge. "You'll notice a complete turnaround within a week or two, based on what's circulating about them"

Perhaps the root (no dodgy pun intended) of the problem is not sex after all, but human pride and sinfulness. John Piper says as much in a great sermon on Psalm 51.
People give way to sexual sin because they don’t have the fullness of joy and gladness in Christ. Their spirits are not steadfast and firm and established. They waver. They are enticed, and they give way because God does not have the place in our feelings and thoughts that he should.

The article ends with this:

According to Mitchell [Associate Professor at La Trobe University's Australian Research Centre for Sex, Health and Society], now many sexual rules have gone, young people can develop personal ethics. "We need to understand that kids will have sex when they are not married," she says. "Our concern would be to make them safe and enjoy it."

Harm minimisation is a very tricky and alluring argument. But my gut tells me it's not right. I need to do more work on arguing this better.