I was reading an article about singleness in The Briefing today.

In it, Tim Adeney said this:

But perhaps his strongest response would be to the extreme loneliness many single people experience... I think he would see this epidemic of loneliness as a major moral failure of the church to be the church, and, perhaps, more particularly, a moral failure of families to treat those not in their family as family. The church is a family, and we are to treat those in the church as family - not by lowering the standard with which we treat our family, but by raising the standard with which we treat others.

He then goes on to outline how this would work in the structure of churches and families. For families he suggests, inviting people into their homes regularly, inviting people on holiday with them, and considering inviting people to live with them. I'm not sure about the later. But I hope that as Ellisa and I are married, we will be able to become open and hospitable to single and married people in our church.

He also offers ways for churches to be structured better for singles. Cross-generational ministry is a hard thing to do well... But that is for another blog post one day!

From: The Briefing Library: Making singleness better

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