I'll start this post by saying this, I don't think being overweight or unfit is a sin. In don't recall Paul (the Apostle) listing being a fatty as equaling disqualification from the Kingdom of God. However, I think for me it's a matter of procrastination and laziness that causing me to be unfit and eat badly rather than busyness! The unfitter and fatter I get the more I feel like I'm doing the wrong thing!

So I'm going to try and be a healthy Youth Minister. I'm going to try and cut down on eating crap and driving everywhere and try walking often and maybe even running and riding occasionally. You can track my exercise progress here (I'm using a program on my Nokia E71 phone to track and record my exercise!)

But there are some problems. I unaviodably eat a lot of pizza (youth group and church activities) and spend time in Maccas if I need to meet with some students after school or during the holidays. So, I'm not aiming for a complete ban on all unhealthy food. Rather, my aim is to make sure I do a minimum of 30mins physical activity a day, with at least 2 days of intense (i.e run or bike ride) activity on top of that. And that when I'm not at a youth group or church related event, I eat healthy at home.

I'm hoping to lose about 10kg to weigh in at 85 before I get married on January 30th.

As a related aside, hopefully soon I'll be able to announce that Jono and I are going to be entering some kind of fun run/ride type event in the near future to also focus our fitness attention.