Being an Anglican, and by that I mean I have always gone to or worked for an Anglican church, I take a very small, like super tiny small, amount of interest in the goings on of worldwide Anglicanism.

I was reading this post by Tassie church planter Will Briggs (a man who I admire for, amongst other things, his ability to be across all things worldwide Anglican communion) and I was struck by the article, and some of his other recent posts, and thought to myself that nothing other than evil madness can describe what's going on in the USA and in parts of England.

For example:

"What does that all add up to? Odds on, with the likelihood of a candidate being elected who is living in a sexual relationship outside of marriage being almost 3 in 4" - (referring to upcoming Episcopal Elections)

I really hope and pray these people repent because I kinda get the feeling that God will be particularly unkind to people who call themselves leaders in the church but who do nothing but lead in the exact opposite direction, that is they encourage and promote sinfulness and despise the glory of God.

Please repent worldwide global church of this sin.