A list on how to be a superhero Youth Pastor: (HT to Youth Min Blog)

1. Do Not Let Civilian Life Get In Your Way
Keep focused.

2. Listen….Observe…Read….Assess…Implement…ACTION

3. Break Rules, Traditions, Patterns, and Schedules
Don’t be a slave to somebody’s expectations other than God’s.

4. Genuinely and Authentically Fall Back In Love with the True Superheroes: Jesus and His Word
Read the Bible and pray to God for yourself, not for your youth ministry.

5. Absorb and Go After Criticism
Don’t be afraid of your biggest critics. Don’t compromise your identity and your youth ministry autonomy to please the people who don’t like you.

6. Become The Expert

7. Get Excited.
Passion is contagious.

Bottom line: Don’t let the bad guys get you down. Be proactive, go get them, and save the day. ALWAYS Remember where you get your YOUTH PASTOR superpowers from!