In the last month or so I started listening relatively regularly to the Melbourne Christian radio station, Light FM.  My reasons for this were that I was sick of the sex and general unhelpfulness that was been endlessly pushed down my throat by other secular radio stations, (from song lyrics to show segments).  I thought I'd offer up a few of my reflections.  I'm not meaning to be offensive, nor am I intent on destroying the work of this station, nor do I hate Jesus.  I'm just reflecting, so please... if you're mum works at the station or something, I'm not having a go at her.

The tag line for Light FM goes something like this "great music and a message of hope".  My two major criticisms would be based on these claims.

1. "Great music" - perhaps the slogan should be we only play about 50 songs 3 times a day.  I found the music to be so repetitive that was one of the main reasons I can't listen anymore.  I reckon I heard Miley Cyrus singing about 'nodding her head like yeah and moving her hips like yeah' about 100 times in a week.  Randomly I also heard songs by artists like Five (hello 1995) played four or five times in a week.

2. "A message of hope" - My assumption was/is that the message of hope is that Jesus Christ has died for you and that through his death you can be saved from your sin and live the way you're were created to live.  That is worshiping God.  Problem is that from listening to Light FM I can only deduce that the "message of hope" sounded void of the gospel and full of morals: don't swear, maybe go to church, be nice, get some bible verses texted to you, be a good family man, avoid drugs and generally be nice.  That's the kinda vibe I picked up, I think I heard the name Jesus less than 10 times.  I'm not sure why the Christian station has to be devoid of the good news of Jesus Christ dying to save sinners?  I'm sure they would argue they don't want to turn people off.  But surely preaching a moralistic message turns the prostitute or corrupt lawyer off more than hearing about the fact Jesus wants to save them from their crap situation.  Surely speaking about how Jesus has done it all and we can do nothing but trust in that for our salvation is actually a much greater message, is actually a message of hope.

I have no doubt the people at Light FM are Christians and are trying their best.  I understand that it's difficult to work out the right balance of getting people to listen and turning them off.  But at risk of sounding arrogant I shall now offer two ways forward that I would think about pursuing if I were the CEO of Light FM.  I have no experience, but for doing some work on the Christian radio station in Hobart, and so offer these ideas as merely that, ideas...

Option Number 1: Go way more Christian.  Like the Australian Christian Channel on Foxtel.  Chances are 80% or more of your listeners are probably Christians/church goers anyway.  Why not play to your strength?  You could have good Christian discussion, good music, whatever.  Then someone might actually turn over to your station and hear a message of substance.

Option Number 2: Go way less "Christian".  Sure, play some Christian music and definitely screen out songs that are aimed at turning 12 year old girls into whores but stop broadcasting vague pithy statements that make Christianity look like a moralistic religion.  (Side note:  If you play a song by an artist because it's subtle, yet still about sex, and doesn't involve swearing, but the artist is well known for living a pagan life, then surely the message you send is just don't swear or sin explicitly in certain ways, and you'll be ok?) Anyway, then get some good quality funny people on your station.  Much of what Hamish and Andy do for example is hilarious and fine for airing on a Christian radio station.  Why not get some Christian people to be idiots for the sake of clean entertainment?  Then you're in the marketplace as a radio station with Christian ethos and wide listenership.

Are there other options?  Do you listen to your local Christian radio station?  What do you think of it?