"Sustainable Youth Ministries fail all the time; they thrive in a culture of experimentation, innovation and creativity. It is floundering youth ministries that often remain paralyzed, unable to risk, stuck in a nostalgic obsession with past success"

This quote comes from Mark DeVries in his excellent book Sustainable Youth Ministry.  I read it over the summer break, before I got married and made a note to reread it in May, when I could make some of the more radical or systemic changes (due to having a new senior pastor and having 6 months or so before the new year begins) needed in our ministry here at HTD.  So that's currently what I'm doing.  It's a great book full of great wisdom of the long, committed, costly, risky, business it is for a church to create a long lasting sustainable ministry that will outlast any Youth Pastor.

I really like taking taking risks for the sake of the Gospel.  It excites me.  Please pray that I would seek with the people of our church God's plan and purpose for our ministry to the youth of Doncaster.