In case you didn't see this on my twitter feed the other day, a film is being made by an Australian about two people who are going to sell their virginity in an auction. He has to go to America to film it though because he'll get charged with soliciting sex for sale here in Victoria if he goes through with it here.

I find the whole thing quite sad. The girl in the video says, she's doing it to change the way people think about sex... Sadly I'd have to say virgin fantasies are part and parcel of porn films and people have been paying for sex for thousands of years... so there isn't really any major mind-shifts here...

She also says something along the lines of I can't find a good man that i'd want to do it with so I thought I'd do this... Again, the man who buys your virginity is not going to be the kind of man you would want to lose it with. The whole thing sucks for this poor girl. I'm glad her Dad was pissed when he found out. That is good parenting!

She doesn't think she'll regret it and says she thinks she'll probably look back and laugh at it as something crazy... That is definitely a best case scenario. I hope she meets Jesus soon!

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See the video: VIDEO: Virginity Auction