A while back I was wondering how much I should read?

I buy far more books than I read, but I have a great desire to read and learn more about God and about people, especially young people.  You can view my book collection here

Over on the Youth Ministry blog Slant 33 they have a post on just what a Youth Pastor should be reading.  It's worth checking out.

It got me thinking what books I think are a must read.  Definitely the Bible and this goes without saying.  But what else is worth reading?  I thought I'd try and make a list of just some of the books I've found helpful over the years.  This is by no means comprehensive, nor am I saying that I've read all the definitive books.  Rather it is a list of things I've found useful so far.

Youth Ministry:
Fruit that Will Last by Tim Hawkins
First Two Years in Youth Ministry by Doug Fields
Contemplative Youth Ministry by Mark Yaconelli
Sustainable Youth Ministry by Mark DeVries
Starting Right edited by Dean, Clark & Rahn

Tribes by Seth Godin
Good to Great by Jim Collins
Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy
21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Christian Living:
Battling Unbelief by John Piper
Searching for God Knows What by Don Miller
Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas

No Compromise by Melody Green (about Keith Green)
A Short Life of Jonathan Edwards by George Marsden

There are heaps here.  Most of which I haven't read fully well enough to recommend.  However The Resurgence have some great posts on building your theological library which I would highly suggest looking at for ideas!

Whatever you do, you should most definitely buy all your books from The Book Depository.  They are always the cheapest!

So, what do you think of the Slant 33 suggestions?  What about my list?  What books do you think a Youth Pastor must read?