I posted a link to this article which gave some good reasons not to vote Green if you're a Christian on Facebook earlier today and got the following comments:

Person 1: I feel insulted with the label "naive Christian". Reading this article was like swimming in a sea of bias.

Person 2: Articles like this really dissapoint me... the Greens will be getting my vote.

My response:

Hey Person 1 and Person 2. First of all (to Person 1) if I didn't know you and was feeling like being a political bastard I could say that your comment might back up the article giving you that label, of naive. Now, don't get me wrong, that's not what I'm saying but you can't just dismiss what the article says because it's biased against your opinion.

Every article we read is biased in some way, we only notice the bias if it offends our own biases. So to both of you I would say, sure it's biased against the Greens, but lots of other articles are biased towards them. You can't just pick which ones you are going to deal with. What is wrong with what the article said?

Why does it disappoint you Person 2? Is it that the article talks about their philosophy/ideology and you're uncomfortable having that exposed? Or is it because thats not true? Is their no such book called, "The Greens"? Does it not say the things quoted and alluded to?

Don't think I'm some sort of right wing, 'moral majority' Christian voter. I'm not. I've voted Green in the past. But as I read and reflect and try and work out what it means to be a Christian in a democracy my feeling is it means I need base my votes not on single issues, but on ideologies. Now, no party has a perfect Christian ideology (not even the Christian ones!) But some are at least not opposed to Christians. And that is my problem. It might be all well and good to have more trees and to treat the 'boat people' (actually desperate refugees in need of our help) more humanly, but what good is letting them settle in Australia only to have the church and Christians then hindered to bring the Gospel to them by a party that has said it wants to bring a, " green philosophy as an alternative to the traditional Christian view: "an alternative tradition", a green ethic that is concerned for "the interests of individual non-human animals". This by its very nature would include a rejection of Christian morals etc.

No party is perfect, I agree. I have no idea who to vote for. But I don't think it should be the Greens. It's not a salvation issue, I don't think you love Jesus less if you vote for them. But I do think it is an unwise move, and surely I must be allowed to hold that opinion and express it. That's what democracy is all about!

Feel free to continue the debate here or on Facebook!