This Sunday I'm preaching on 2 John.  This is slightly daunting on two levels.  Firstly, 2 John is a small book at the back of the bible who's immediate application is not clearly or easily seen or understood.  At least to my mind.  So that's going to require some work.

The second, and by far more daunting this is I'm preaching this sermon not to 1000 teenagers or anything like that, but to our 8am congregation and then 2hrs later our 10am congregation.  8am is a grey haired, traditional Anglican service.  I'm not even sure they understand half the words I say.  I've got to do some sort of weird culture transition backwards in time to people who could probably teach me much about persevering in the Christian life for a long, long time.  Our 10am service is similar with a few families and other modernish touches thrown in.  They are both well biblically educated.  I don't even know what to wear!!

On the upside, my feelings are giving me some empathy for people who get daunted by speaking to teenagers and young people.

I think I'm going to take the advice someone once gave me about speaking to adults.  If you've got the attention of the 16 year old boy you've got everyone.  Perhaps there's something to be said that most adults are just more polite than teenagers and go to sleep when they're bored instead of trying to burn down your hall!

I shall report back next week!