Well it's 2011 and yesterday it was the 11/1/11 and if you add the last two digits of your year of birth (in my case 84) with the age you turn this year (in my case 27) then you get 111... So many ones!!

Putting this super amazing fact to the side for one moment I thought I should take some time to post about New Years Resolutions.  Often I make a big long list of things I wish in an ideal world I could do or achieve.  This year I have not done that.  This year I have one goal only.  To lose weight.  Since starting my work here at HTD I have put on around 10-15kgs.  I currently weigh in around the 95kg mark and I am determined not to push over the 100kg barrier!  The other thing I normally do with resolutions is never make a plan to achieve them.  This is the other big difference about 2011 and my new years decisions.  I've actually got a plan to shed the kilos.  I've decided to bite the bullet and put my money where my mouth is and hire a personal trainer.  His name is Bill from Energetic Rush.  He is writing me a plan and hopefully helping me transform into the picture of fitness and health.

I should take a photo of me before and then after.  Maybe I'll even bleach my hair and increase the fashion-ability of my clothes after I lose weight for my after shot.  That seems to be what your supposed to do when you lose weight.  Actually, I don't think that is necessary.