NT Wright has done a series of fascinating little videos over on the Alter Video Magazine site.  I particularly enjoyed this one where he gives advice on how to read the bible.  He talks compares the bible to a symphony.  Taking little chunks here or there doesn't give you the whole feel for what's really going on.  A good analogy I think.

Anyway, over the last few months Ellisa and I have been using a bible reading method which does a bit better at giving us a broader picture of the whole of scripture.  I found it over on Communicate Jesus a while back.  In this plan you read 10 chapters from different parts of the Bible each day.  It sounds big, but it's actually not that bad. Takes me about 30-40mins to read.  The greatest thing is there is never a dull moment.  I always found with other bible reading plans that sometimes I would get bogged down in lots of 'boring' bits and therefore give up.  This plan ensures I'm always reading something from the epistles or gospels or pslams or proverbs or acts, meaning if I'm getting bogged down in some confusing OT prophets or seemingly drawn out descriptions of who got what land in Joshua then I don't feel defeated.

It's a well worth a try if you're struggling to read the bible or want to try something different.  There's also a facebook group you can join if you want tips or support.

(Note: If you're going to start doing this, I recommend downloading and printing out this list to help you keep track of where you are up to.)