Ok, so this is a post about me, even though I'm talking about what other people do, I guess at the end of the day it us as individuals that control how we feel.

I have ministry friends on Facebook and Twitter, this is mostly good.  I see what they're thinking, feeling, doing, seeing God do, struggling with etc.  However... sometimes its not a good thing.  For me at least anyway.  Some times all i see is awesomeness.  Their ministry is just awesome.  The most awesome things are happening... thanks to God and on and on it goes in and almost endless assault on my twitter and facebook feeds.  Now this is not bad.  It's good that things are going well, but there seems to be something about it that just makes me feel sad.  How come everything I do isn't awesome?  How come sometimes I think hard, work hard, pray hard and God doesn't seem to do anything awesome or out of the ordinary?  Do i need to pray more perhaps?  Or get a better outlook on life?  Why are you God's special instrument of awesomness and I am his instrument of sort of normal sometimes great, sometimes awesome,  but mostly normal, averageness?

I guess my point is that not everything we think is encouraging is actually encouraging.  'Success' is encouraging but so is joyfully slogging it out when God is doing nothing particularly 'awesome'.  If you're prone to constantly posting how awesome you are.  Or how awesome your ministry is then maybe you need to temper it with some reality?  Tell me about the time something mega un-awesome happened and ask me to pray for you!  Alternatively, if you find yourself reacting to the constant barrage of awesomeness like me, then like me, perhaps you need to turn your jealous reaction to praise of God for what he's doing.