It is with much shock that I read of the tabling of the Euthanasia bill before our parliament today.  Not only that but the sponsoring members are our two most senior political leaders, the Premier and the leader of the Greens.

I urge you all to vote against this bill for a number of reasons.

Firstly, whilst on the surface, the argument that I should have the choice to end my life when I want in order to avoid suffering, whilst seemingly powerful when we scratch the surface we see some dire consequences to this line of thinking.

Firstly, it dramatically changes the role of doctors who instead of being promotors of life are now expected to be involved in the ending of life.  This is a dangerous element to add into the mix, not because Doctors are not trustworthy, but because people do silly things.  People take advantages of laws that give them legal protection for killing vulnerable elderly people.  In countries where Euthanasia has been legalised we see that the elderly are often too scared to go to the doctor to get treatment because they are scared that their doctor and their families have colluded against them in order to end their life.  No one should ever fear going to the doctors.  With Euthanasia legalised we have every right to fear our doctors appointments as we get older because them killing us becomes a viable option.

Secondly, I believe that as a society we can be measured by how we treat the vulnerable.  In this case vulnerable sick and elderly people.  Euthanasia sends completely the wrong message here.  It says that as a society we're more eager to send you off to an early grave than we are to care for you, and respect your life.  It says to the elderly, you are not a blessing to our community but a burden.  This is simply not something that I want any person to feel.

Thirdly, I find it odd that as a society we find suicide such a tragedy yet some feel that we should allow Euthanasia;  which is effectively old person suicide.  We have read recently about the tragic death of a young girl in Hobart who took her own life.  This is a tragedy and it is right that we be shocked and saddened by her death.  But I wonder if by the same logic we use for Euthanasia, then in fact we should see suicide as a great blessing.  We should be happy that this young girl took the choice to end her suffering, and escape her life.  Yes it might have been mental suffering and not physical (though I believe she was physically attacked at times), but she no longer faces those things.  She is free.  We should in fact, by the same logic that leads us to support Euthanasia, be encouraging people to commit suicide if they feel life has gotten to hard.

My right to chose is a powerful argument.  But it is not the only argument that has to be considered when looking at Euthanasia.  We have to consider the effects this will have on our society.  We have to realise the dangers and we have to stand up and say as a society that we are better than this.  That we value care over killing.  That we value life over death.

I hope you vote against the bill and I ask that if you decide to vote for this bill that you could provide me with your reasoning.  I cannot vote for a person who supports the state sanctioned killing of my grandparents by doctors.  So this issue is of great importance to me.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this.  I am praying that you will have great wisdom and understanding as you examine the issues.