Here is a cool little article about helping young people become "winners"


A Winning Attitude

Author: Chris Hill

The Bible is full of losers. Matthew, Ruth, Jonah, Nehemiah, Paul. All these people experienced conflicts on their life paths...that is, until they had powerful encounters with God’s grace. Use these ideas from Chris Hill to transform your teenagers into winners.

Your teenagers can also learn how to be winners by relying on God. Here are five steps adapted from Chris Hill, author of Grace-Based Youth Ministry (Group Publishing, Inc.), to lead your teenagers from an attitude of failure to the winner’s circle:

1. Pray for your teenager.

2. Study the obstacles your teenager has already faced.

3. Find examples of Bible characters who’ve overcome the obstacles your teenager is facing.

4. Study the faith bridges that carried these biblical characters over their obstacles, and share these Bibles stories with your teenager.

5. Create opportunities to introduce these faith bridges into the life of your teenager.

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