On the weekend i was lucky enough to go up to Camp Clayton again for the MTS conference. MTS stands for Ministry Training Scheme (i think) and is basically a program that offers a chance for people to do an internship in christian work to work out if they want to go into full-time paid Christian ministry.

Guest speaking at the conference were two people, John Woodhouse from Moore College (in Syndey, but don't hold that against me or him as some who read this blog might!! and Pete Woodcock, from England). They were both fantastic! John preached on 1 and 2 Samuel about leadership, whilst Pete challenged us to get serious about God and to get out there and boldly share the good news. He was very inspiring, in fact he could well be the first preacher i've ever heard who after speaking for probablly 40 or 50 mins i still wished he would keep going. In fact i was sad everytime Pete's sermons had ended.

I believe the talks will be available for download from this site:


You can find out more about Pete and his church in England here (and listen to some of Pete's sermons):


You can find out more about Moore College and John Woodhouse here