If you scroll down a few posts to the one about some of my ideas for the direction of the Anglican church in Youth Ministry and click on the comments you will see an anonymous post by someone that says:

"Go to the diocese of Sydney where you belong, and stay there! "

Before I read into this comment, or reply, I want to give the person who wrote it a chance to explain why exactly they think I belong there and why I should stay there?

If whoever wrote it could leave a comment explaining what they mean that would be great! If not... well then in about a week or so I will publish my reply to this comment.

But it will be hard to reply if I don't know what is meant by such a statement.

So whoever you are! Please explain your comment, I find it most intriguing! If your feeling extra bold I see no reason for you not to identify yourself. My aim is only to engage in robust discussion about the future direction of youth ministry and how we can best be faithful to God in our attempts. I am keen to hear everyones opinion!

God Bless