I was at church about two weeks ago and the assistant minister came up during a time we had set aside for prophecy and had a word for me.

She said that i was like an old, not much to look at suit case. And around that there was a big leather belt holding it closed. But then if you took the belt of and opened the suitcase all this bright light and colour, pink and blue and white, just shone as bright as can be out of this suitcase.

Anyway, as i prayed about this prophecy, i think i figured out what it means to me.

Without God i am nothing. Just a taty old forgotten suitcase. Nothing special to stand out from the crowd, no particular talent of my own. And holding this closed is a big leather belt. Buckled tightly around me. That belt is sin that is stopping me from allowing God to go to work fully. But if i take that belt of God has done awesome things in me and is ready to do even more to use me to shine his light and use the gifts he has given me to spread the word.

So my prayer is that God would help me take that belt off. That i would shine brightly to this world the good news of Jesus Christ.