We had the last night of Cross-Eyed this evening. Now there is only the primary school kids group still running.

It actually didn't go out as well as i would have liked. We had some major confusion issues before the night began which meant things were behind before they got ahead. Which i found very disapointing seeing as we can't come back next week and make up for it.

But oh well, it has been a great year. God has done some amazing things. We have seen abou 140 kids come through our doors this year. (We started this year with about 30 kids on our list). Its been very hard to keep track of. Hopefully our focus will be able to be bringing kids back more regularly next year and more discipleship. I would love to see 50 young people in discipleship groups, learning more about Jesus and growing closer to him.

It was a great year, despite the last event, and i'm sure next year will be even better. We will definately have to make sure it goes off with a bang to make up for it finishing with a bit less than a bang.