Some of you may remember a week or so ago i posted on the gift of self control and my thoughts i'd been having on that. Well, i'm going to use this blog as a public declaration of my intention to spend the next 40 days (not including the 7 days i'm on Waves) to go through a daily devotional called FREE.

Its written by Neil T. Anderson (who some of you may know, and all of you now know, is one of my all time favourite Christian writers) and Dave Park (i don't know who he is, but its not his name i bought the book for!)

I'm looking forward to the journey, each week i'll try and post what i've learnt and read so as to keep myself accountable.

I also give you all permission to leave nasty posts or send me nasty messages if i don't post on here about what i'm learning in the next 40 odd days! According to my calculations (including the Waves time out, i should be finished on about the 12th of Feb.