i bought a diary today!

how exciting. for some reason though its called Vanessa! No joke! On the front it has Vanessa printed in nice gold letters and i had to rip off about 3 stickers with "Vanessa Diary" on them (no the diary is in no way female!!) I think thats because the style of the diary is "Vanessa" style. I dunno how it came to get that name though. Did someone called Vanessa make it?? Or is it a tribute to someone called Vanessa?? Or perhaps its simply called Vanessa so i can now say things like, well i'd like to do that but i'll have to check with Vanessa first, or Vanessa says i'm busy sorry mate! The confusion and rumours i could begin!

So if you ever hear me say, i've left Vanessa behind, or i'll have to let Vanessa know, then really i'm talking about my diary and not some woman who has me wrapped around her little finger! As much as we all know i would enjoy that immensly! :P