Finially i sat down today with my co-director for Waves and we nutted out the studies.

I'm pretty excited about them at the moment! So i'm going to tell you all about them.

We are going to theme them around "You Can't Ignore Jesus"

The first day we are going to look at some historical things that have happened because people were following Jesus (crusades, end of slavery, etc.). This will kinda act as our intro to say that Jesus still has an effect to this day.

The next day we will move on to look at some people who couldn't ignore Jesus when he was walking around. So like Zacchaeus and maybe the woman who reaches out to touch Jesus' cloak.

The next study will then move on to look at how Jesus can't ignore YOU! And it will look at some of the people Jesus sort out during his ministry.

Then we will move onto the topic of sex and a bit of self esteem. And look at how you can't ignore what Jesus says about what the world is doing today because its relevant and makes sense.

The next study will look at how you can't ignore Jesus because what he said has eternal ramifications which start now. And we will look at the holy spirit here.

The final study will talk about how now that you've met Jesus you need to make a decision, you can't keep ignoring him, or treating him with indifference.

All of this is also hopefully going to vaugely tie into our camp theme of "Back to the Future" with the idea that what happens in the past can affect what happens in the future.

So that is the studies in a vauge nutshell! Feel free to help us make them better by leaving your comments!