Last weekend Cross-Eyed hosted Overhaul, which was our camp to start the year.

Unfortunately it was not as big as i was hoping but God was still at work. We had about 30 people on camp and lots of fun.

Some of the highlights included:
  • Playing soccer on the beach as a storm was brewing and praying that it would by pass our beach. Then watching the dark clouds blow round the beach and miss us! :)
  • Eating heaps of chocolate fondue
  • learning about God's will, and how we should make choices that are wise not unwise.
  • making new friends
  • being inspired
  • just generally having a good time
What gave me most satisfaction about the whole week though was when we got back for church on sunday night. The band from camp with a few extra's made up the worship band for the night and to see these people jumping at the front of the church and just having a great time was really encouraging and put a massive smile on my face.

Lets hope everyone is still pumped up this week! :)