II posted this first on my MySpace blog. But as that is a mere shadow of the glory of this blog i thought i should post it here too! Happy reading!

So i've been in the MySpace world for a little over a week now and i've read with interest a lot of different things about a lot of different people and groups. One of the interesting things i've read in one or two places is Christian youth groups or Christian people who put Jesus in the "Who I'd like to Meet" box thingo.

Well the thing i don't get is as a followers of Jesus we have already met Jesus. Jesus is alive. He rose again, he is not dead and he is knowable. We meet him in the pages of the bible, we meet him in other people, we see him in acts of love and we encounter him in moments when there is no doubt about his presence with us. In fact Jesus says in the bible that whenever two or more gather in his name, he is there with us, and therefore i assume we can meet him there.

It might be hard to get our head around that idea. But as Christians we believe Jesus is alive and that he is knowable and that we can meet him and experience him just as the disciples could 2000 years ago.

So don't put Jesus in the "People i'd like to meet" box, put him in the i'm so glad i've met him box!