The unofficail fan club is crying out for some new posts for this blog (thanks Stelle and Joey).

So here is the radio story for those who do not know. Not last Saturday, but the one before that I was on the Radio! How exciting. On the Christian radio station down here they have a youth ministry show on Saturday nights from 7-10pm. Just so happens that the guy who hosts it is an Anglican Youth Minister from down the road. So he got a few of us fellow Anglicans to help out for one of his shows. Basically my role was to report on and participate in a series of challenges that we were required to do in the streeets of hobart. Like sing "if your happy and you know it clap your hands" or doing the chicken dance on Davey Street dressed in silly clothes! We nearly got beaten up and run over but it was all in the name of good radio!

So anyhow, they want me to help out some more, and i enjoyed it so i probably will be making an apperance on radio again sometime in the not too distant future!

So stay tuned to Ultra 106.5 on Saturdays from 7-10pm and listen out for me. Or i believe you can stream it over the web from,