So as some of you may know i spent the last half of last week in Sydney (Wednesday night to Saturday morning). This was a very fun, challenging and encouraging trip for me.

On Wednesday i had dinner in Cronulla (no there were no riots!). Then got to sleep quite late as David caught up with some of his old friends.

On Thursday i was going to meet up with the youth minister who runs Soul Revival (a big youth ministry up there) but we could track him down. So i ended up meeting up with his boss, a guy named Reg Piper. Who was a pretty Godly kinda man. I think he prays and reads the bible a lot!

After this i caught the train into Redfern (there were no riots there either!) and we walked up to Moore College. It was pretty small for a college of its size, and it was strange because they had lots of big gates keeping everyone away! Which i guess is kinda understandable seeing as its in a bad part of town apparently but also kinda weird that a place where you learn about God shuts itself of from the community in which God has placed it. I'm not sure exactly what to think of that.

Anyway once i'd seen Moore College i went into the CBD and caught a ferry and went to Darling Harbour and the markets and all those touristy kinda things. That was pretty fun! Then i caught up with Aaron in the evening for dinner (which we had in China town!). Then we eventually made our way to 'the rocks' where we found a pub that sold 5 dollar pints of guiness! Bargain! So we stayed there and listened to live music for a bit. Then we went to a place called the Cruise Bar on the water to meet up with David and his friends. We got home at like 2 in the morning.

On Friday we had to get up at 8 so i could spend the day at Gymea Baptist Church. This meant i was pretty tired, but it was a good day. I spent the day hanging out with some other interns at the church and with the youth minister there (who we were also staying with and used to be one of David's interns back in the day at Fig Tree). Then i went along to their youth ministry Revolution that night. That was lots of fun and very encouraging because they did a lot of things similar to us in little old Tassie (yet there church is about 2.5 times the size of ours!). Then we went to Maccas and they took my order whilst i was standing in the line. This was meant to be quicker, but it actually wasn't!

Then we got home at about 11:30 chatted about our time in Sydney for a while and went to bed. Got up early on Saturday and flew home. Then i went to sleep because i was wrecked!

And that was pretty much my trip to Sydney. Any questions leave a comment! :)