Things have been getting a little to intellectual on this blog lately! So its time for some fun!

Remember the glory that was the Swans march to the 2005 premiership? Ah this was a beautiful moment, my house was full of people, and they were giving me so much crap because Geelong had been ahead all night. Not when it counted though.

And then next week...

and then, the hero of 2005... leaping leo barry. Pitty i can't find a video of it. Although i do have the DVD at home that your most welcome to come round and watch with me sometime.

Ah that was a moment! Although i must say it didn't bring me the long lasting satisfaction i was expecting!

And if anyone says remember 2006... well just don't, i'm trying to forget ;)

and just before i go...

the year my joy for all things Sydney and that great man Tony Lockett began

Hope you've enjoyed the show!