The latest in my 'series' for the Tasmanian Anglican

In the last edition the diocesan strategy for youth ministry that was adopted at Synod was reported. This listed the three types of parishes – supporting youth, growing youth and resourcing youth – that exist in our diocese and the roles that each can play in becoming involved in youth ministry. As this edition of the Tasmanian Anglican focuses on change, I thought it would be helpful to outline the major changes each type of church may face.

Supporting Youth
Youth ministry might not even be on your parish agenda. There is, I believe, a potentially exciting process of discovery, and change, as your parish seeks to find local projects to prayerfully and financially support. As your parish becomes engaged in this important gospel ministry to young people, I believe exciting change will happen.

Growing Youth
Young people may not have been around in these churches for sometime and this will mean some big changes in attitude and practicalities. One of the major changes facing a parish that begins to get involved in day to day ministry to young people is things will get less neat and tidy, and far messier. A change in the way your buildings are organised and your attitudes may be necessary as you seek to bring the gospel to these young people.

Resourcing Youth
There are a number of changes that a church actively seeking to resource other churches will face. The problems of sending out leaders and working with other people to facilitate youth ministry can be take some getting used to. These problems however are not without their joys, as we see God raise up others to fill the gaps.

Finally, the key to our diocesan strategy is realising understanding that we must work together. The gospel unites us. We must put aside any selfish desires or personal insecurities and acknowledge that as followers of Jesus we are co-workers with each other and God. Perhaps this change in attitude is the hardest for some of us. But we have the same goal, to bring the life changing message of the Gospel to all people.