So i just finished a huge weekend! And i'm pretty stuffed now. I think i did a weeks work (like 40hrs) in 3 days.

Started on Friday morning when i went to church and had to work out how i was going to write my sermon for Sunday night. (I had thought about it already, but writing it was proving hard work!). That took most of the day. Then in the afternoon and evening i had Cross-Eyed. Which was laid back because of the next days activities.

Which brings me to them... I had to be at BayWest at 8:10am to get a lift to the monthly youth pastor breakfast that i go to. We had a good old fashioned bacon and egg fry up which was very tasty! Also good to catch up with the people. Then once this was over i went back to church to let some people in to set up for the evenings activities. It was 40hr famine weekend so we were having a live radio broadcast from our church. I'll come to that shortly. Anyway, while they set up we went for a coffee to work out how the night was going to actually run.

We got back to church after coffee about 1pm, and then i helped set up for a bit before getting back into my sermon. Then at about 4pm we had a practice to make sure all the technology was working for the night. Then we had a quick break for dinner before launching into the event from 6-10pm. After the show, it took a fair while to pack up. The older guys from Cross-Eyed had a sleep over for the 40hr famine. So i left them to sleep in the church hall at about midnight.

Then i came back to say hello to them in the morning at 7:30am. Which began the final of my long days this weekend. The whole crew who had slept the night went to the traditional 8am Anglican service with all the old people. I'm not sure if everyone who went enjoyed it, but the old guys certainly loved having us there! Then i went to the 10am service before breaking the famine (not that i was actually doing it!) at midday with a few of the guys. After this, I went up to my office to polish my sermon off for the evening.

At 4pm it was time for the band to arrive and practice, so i joined in with them. Then at 6pm the service began and i was able to preach my sermon. I think it went well. But i'm a terrible judge of these things. I should work out how to post it on here and you could rate it. Anyway, after the service we had newcomers pizza night. Which was fun. Everyone went home at about 9. And i think i was out of there around 9:30 or 10pm. Which meant that my big weekend was over!

If you read all of that... get a life please ;)