I went to Melbourne on the 7th of August for the Mission Shaped Youth Conference. This photo is of Tim Sudworth (the guy who wrote the book, and who we had come to hear), myself, Jono, Dan and Joel. The Tasmanian delegates.

It was a great time to meet some people who are also involved in youth ministry in other places around Australia, and the world (New Zealand). It was also useful for me as i am trying to work out what i'm doing next year and where i might move to.

But as good as the conference was, the highlight was a visit to Ramsey St. Now, its a sad fact, but i have been a bit of a Neighbours tragic for a while now. Ever since it used to be on as i got home from school in about grade 9 or 10. So going to the set was pretty exciting for me... even if my fellow conference delegates didn't think so ;)

This is us outside Number 30 (formerly known as the house of trouser).

We stayed on in Melbourne for 3 days after the conference finished. Mainly so we could go to check out some different churches on the Sunday morning and evening. But this also meant we had time for some other activites like shopping (look at my new shoes!! they are for preaching)
In that photo you can see i'm holding a mustard bag. Mustard are this group who do what looks like some really effective schools ministry in Melbourne. Definitely worth checking out there stuff.

We also got to go to the footy (we saw Hawthorn v Brisbane)

And pose for photographs in any alley ways we happened to come across...That photo is totally going on my first book or album, depending which comes first ;)