So as you may be aware, i returned to South Australia at the end of August/start of September for a preaching conference and to check out a really great church in Adelaide called Holy Trinity.

The preaching conference was really good!

There were two speakers. One was Hugh Palmer. He is the Minister at All Souls Langham Place. For those of you who don't know, this is the church that John Stott comes from. He talked about the Bible Surprise. Which is that the bible often doesn't say what we expect it to, and we need to realise that our frameworks we have for understanding the bible can be helpful but also can stop us seeing what is actually going on in a passage.

The other speaker was Peter Adam. Peter is the principal of Ridley College in Melbourne. He talked about how we need to understand what the key idea of any book in the bible is and then relate the remainder of the book to that idea. He also talked about how the bible is written to the people of God and should be used by preachers to address the people of God today.

After the preaching conference i made my way up to Port Augusta. I saw emus and a power station... (amongst friends and some other things!)

Then i returned to Adelaide to check out the Youth Ministry of Holy Trinity and their youth and young adults service. I very much enjoyed the service and the youth ministry. They are doing some good things over in South Australia.