So here's the thing. I've seen a few people (generally my pentecostal friends) making statements such as i'm 100% sold out for God, or God is my everything etc.

And i thought to myself as i was reading these statements... man, there is no way i could make such a statement about my own relationship with God. Why?? Because i'm only too aware of my daily actions that prove that i'm lucky to be 80-90% sold out for God.

My aim is 100% but i just don't think i can get there.

So i don't really know what the point of this post is apart from to remind the blogging world and myself that I'm a hopeless sinner who has been saved by some amazing grace! Perhaps in God's mercy sometime in the future there will be one day that i live totally 100% sold out for him... until then though i will be continually asking God for his forgiveness, for the Holy Spirit to continue to change me and I'll give praise to God that he is slow to anger and abounding in love and will and does forgive a person like me.

That's a God who I'd like to be 100% sold out for!