As you may or may not know, i've kinda played this weird sort of figure head role for the Anglican church and its efforts here in Tasmania to start getting serious about youth ministry. Whilst some of you may be aware I've been disappointed with the way things panned out lately in relation to some of the decisions about where money would be spent, i was pleased to see this come out late last week.

Missionary Diocese of Tasmania


2007 - 2008

Information for applicants

Youth Ministry Development Grants are available for the development of Youth Ministry Trainees, Youth Ministry Workers and Youth Ministers in the Diocese. The grants will attempt to meet the Synod’s challenge in 2007 that significant effort and resources be allocated to the development of parish-based youth ministries. Grants will only be made to parishes who agree to work with the requirements of the Ministry Council’s Youth Ministry Development Program. This requirement will allow parishes to explore youth ministries knowing that they are not alone but linked to a diocesan mentoring and training.

The attached paper, ‘Recognising and Authorising Levels of Responsibility in Parish-Based Youth Ministry ‘will guide applicants in determining the type of position that would best suit their needs and capacity.

Applications are processed by the Ministry Council’s Youth Ministry Task group and grants made on their recommendation by the Ministry Council.

Grants are available on a dollar for dollar basis in partnership with parishes to

  1. provide for cost of participation in the Youth Ministry Develop Training Program to a max of $1000.
  2. provide for the payment of an ministry allowance of stipend if appropriate to a max of the $6000.

In most circumstances the Ministry Council will look to support projects that can operate for two years. The dollar for dollar partnership with the Diocese is expected to allow parishes to employ a Youth Ministry Worker or Youth Ministry Worker for approx 2 days per week. The current level of available funds will allow five placements within the Diocese.

The following steps will guide applicants and those who are responsible for the allocation of grants:

(i) The completion of an initial enquiry form to assist the working group in establishing the possibly viability of the youth ministry development proposal

(ii) Negotiation and review conducted by a member of the Ministry Council in an attempt to work through any matters needing attention.

(iii) The development of a project plan including position description, terms and conditions of proposed ministry and a ministry covenant between all parties, (Parish, Diocese and Youth Worker)

(iv) The completion of all other diocesan requirements including Safe Ministry Accreditation.

The Ministry Council looks forward to new partnerships with parishes in youth ministry. If you have any questions in regard to the grants scheme do not hesitate to contact Paul Cavanough.

Funds available will be approx $28000 each year. Application forms, obtainable from the Diocese, should be forwarded to the Director of Ministry, GPO Box 748 Hobart 7001. Any further information can be obtained from the Director of Ministry.

So its a good start to making youth minstry a priority for this diocese again. And i'm happy that as i'm leaving there is movement forward in an area i've invested a lot of time and energy!